My friend Jarod was a math teacher at the town of Weiner, Arkansas, for some years. Once, a student of his said to him, “You know, I consider us to be friends.” Now, Jarod is one of those old-school, good-ol-boys whose conservativism is less a matter of ideology than it is a set of practices, […]

At the end of World War II, Germany, under the Allied occupation, underwent a years-long process of disarmament. This began as soon as the war ended, but debate about what exact industries should be limited continued on for a while. Rebecca West, in A Train of Powder, recalled a 1949 debate about the existence of a […]

Dear Senator,  This is the last communication that I will ever issue to your office. In the past, I have sent the occasional online message or even telephoned to discuss certain concerns with your very helpful and respectful staff. I have had the belief, perhaps wrong, that your staff actually entertained my concerns and understood […]

I have been thinking recently of the processes by which saviors and Messiahs are made. When it comes to the figure of Jesus, many historians operate on the presumption that there was some sort of figure with characteristics of the kind represented in the New Testament. Maybe he was not quite like how the Gospels […]

So I have a co-worker. Let’s call him Greg. Greg does outreach where I work, specifically with teachers, and absolutely adores being around historian types. But his reputation in our department is primarily one of absolute incompetence. Granted, his is an enthusiastic incompetence, for he loves talking state history. But I have seen grown men […]

Since writing my previous post, I have been contemplating more the feminist reading Another Angry Woman gave to the movie Die Hard. Namely, I have been contemplating how all of the points she makes about the character of John McClane become inapplicable as Die Hard goes from being a stand-alone story and devolves into a series. […]

So Another Angry Woman recently conducted a feminist analysis of the movie Die Hard, and I realized that some of the points she makes could apply to another popular movie that holds a special place in the hearts of many men, Smokey and the Bandit. Burt Reynolds, star of said movie, has long been an idol […]