I have a guest post at The Boiled Down Juice today, on the subject of making and playing bamboo didgeridoos. Here is a brief snippet:

Pure sound.

That is how I would describe the characteristic drone of the didgeridoo. Sound before it’s shaped into nice little notes, before it’s sculpted, conscripted, limited. Sound that does not fall willingly upon the standard musical scale. Talmudic legend holds that the light created by God inaugurating the first day of Creation was of a different quality than the light we now experience, divvied up between moon and sun and stars—that with the original light one could see all across the planet at a glance. I think that the sound of the didgeridoo stands analogous to that primordial light, as if that drone is the well from which all other sound springs. Bringing a didgeridoo to a jam session (and I have) is to find yourself on a slightly different plane from all the other players.

Read more here.


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