80s Nostalgia, Capitalist Apologia

Here’s the story. A group of enterprising young men establish a new business that, after some initial hiccups, proves quite successful, so much so that they soon become “job creators” by hiring themselves a token minority. Their success soon attracts attention from the forces of government, who, citing certain regulations, come to shut down this small business. However, in a stunning reversal, it turns out that the entire city finds itself threatened with immanent destruction, and the only ones capable of saving it are the very people whom the city shut down. After municipal leaders offer their apology and pledge their assistance, our enterprising heroes go off to battle this threat and manage to save the day, their entrepreneurial efforts lauded from all corners of civil and commercial society.

An unpublished Ayn Rand novel? Nope—it’s the plot of Ghostbusters. Enjoy your nostalgia.


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