Monthly Archives: November 2013

If by Belief….

Were you to ask me whether or not I believed in God, you would probably get an answer along the lines of Noah S. Sweat Jr.’s famous “if by whiskey” speech, to wit: If by “believe in God” you mean the adoption of an attitude which holds me above my fellow human beings and other […]

Too Much Respect

President Obama made news a while back when he announced that Guantanamo prisoners of the Muslim faith would not be force-fed during the daylight hours of Ramadan out of respect for their religious beliefs. How long, I wonder, will it be before our president gives the following speech so as to demonstrate his “respect”: My […]

Movie Review: Krrish 3

A few years ago, one of the local big-budget theaters here in Little Rock started showing the odd Bollywood film, and because we are curious folks who don’t mind our action movies being interspersed with dance numbers, and also don’t mind being the only white faces in the audience, the wife and I make an […]

Fear of Fame

In this era of constant surveillance, when everyone can capture whatever spontaneous atrocity on their smartphones (who needs the NSA?), the chance of some random person becoming famous overnight has rather increased when compared to previous eras when phones were grounded and cameras were large and bulky and had to be loaded with film. Random […]

The Real Miracle of the Eucharist

Karl Rahner and Herbert Vorgrimler’s 1965 Theological Dictionary defines Eucharist as “the flesh and blood of him [Jesus] who has been lifted up, by consuming which individuals are united in the community of the one pneumatic body of Jesus Christ” (p. 153). Of course, a longstanding difference between Catholic and Protestant factions has been their […]