Monthly Archives: December 2013

Men Who Hate Women

As friends of mine know, I have been teaching myself the Swedish language for the last few years. I have been aided in this venture by some friends of mine in Sweden, who apprise me of good shows to watch online on Swedish Television and who event sent me a paperback copy of Män som […]

A Dream of Cathedrals

We just finished watching the Swedish television series Arn – Tempelriddaren (Arn: The Knight Templar in English) last night, and I find myself thinking about time and how we perceive it. In the series, based upon Jan Guillou’s trilogy of novels, Arn Magnusson, a member of the Folkung clan, falls in love with Cecilia Algotsdotter, […]

Fetal Jesus

Why do Christians insist upon celebrating the birth of Christ? If, as so many of them insist, one is a full and complete human being from the moment of conception, then isn’t the birth of Christ simply an epilogue, a denouement? We should, instead, back up our wassailing and gift-giving nine months, celebrating the conception […]

Leaving Rome

When I began this blog, it was without the intention of commenting upon recent news stories, poking my expository finger at the latest Fox News outrage rather like Sister Wendy pointing critically at some classical statue’s genitalia: “I daresay that it was rather cold in the studio that day.” Instead, when I comment upon some […]

Mama’s Diner

I cast my first ever vote in a presidential election for Bob Dole in 1996. I mention this fact not as a point of pride, but, on the contrary, to assert as Benedict did in Much Ado about Nothing: “I am not as I have been.” In 1996, I was but two years old in […]

Worried about Immigration? Then Kill NAFTA

The Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce recently made news announcing its support for immigration reform. In so doing, it joins a diverse array of public voices on the subject, from the Diocese of Little Rock, whose Bishop Anthony Taylor has made immigrants’ rights one of his cornerstone issues, to a variety of activist organizations such […]

The Catcher Race Riot

The Catcher Race Riot, an event largely unknown even in Arkansas history circles until recent years, has received a bit of press here lately. I wrote a piece, “Nightriding and Racial Cleansing in the Arkansas River Valley,” published in the Autumn 2013 issue of the Arkansas Historical Quarterly, which mentions the riot in the context of […]