Monthly Archives: February 2014

Cult versus Consultant

Earlier this week, I had to sit through a two-hour presentation on the subject of libraries delivered by a semi-bearded hipster type who spoke in the hushed tones of a suicide prevention hotline volunteer—a consultant, in other words. A guy who goes around the nation telling librarians how wonderful libraries are. The bulk of Carson […]

Our Better Angels

So the other day, the wife and I watched the original Star Trek episode “The Enemy Within.” In this one, a transporter accident splits our Captain Kirk into two halves, one good, one evil. The good half possesses the captain’s intelligence and compassion but has a damned difficult time making decisions, while the evil half […]

Daggers Before Me

So last night, we watched MacBeth—a recent version starring Patrick Stewart and his moustache. (Why has that man never been asked to headline a biopic of Lenin?) I’ve always found Lady MacBeth to be one of Shakespeare’s more two-dimensional characters, the incarnation of unfettered ambition, but my wife, who is a much smarter person than […]


Six murders. That’s how many occurred in the Swedish city of Göteborg last year. Moreover, there were fifty reported instances of people firing shots last year. For the Swedish people, Göteborg has come to symbolize the sort of rampant gang violence you get when you have an economically distressed immigrant population that remains un-integrated into […]