Monthly Archives: March 2014

Why Is It Always the Nazis?

So the wife has been a bit sick lately, and I therefore have been checking out lots of graphic novels from the library for her, because when you are not feeling well, you sometimes need some easily digestible reading. Then what happens but that I start catching the sniffles and the aches myself, so I’ve […]

Alienated from Home

Here recently, the hot water hose leading to my washing machine split open and sprayed down our laundry room, which had also functioned as a catch-all room where we placed things we couldn’t afford to think about at present. Of course, this happened on a day after we had a strange sleet-thunderstorm, so I couldn’t […]

The True Nature of the Oscars

So somehow, I never got around to seeing any of the Oscar-nominated films this year. This isn’t a point of pride, something I say to assure folks of my disdain for popular culture. I’m just not much a movie-goer. Movies are far too expensive these days, and there are far too many of them. The […]