Monthly Archives: June 2014

Open Carriers

So the wife and I have been listening again to Harry Harrison’s Stainless Steel Rat series (read by Phil Gigante–wonderful stuff), and the latest installment sees intrepid SpaceCorps member Jim DiGriz going back in time to prevent a madman named only “He” from destroying his present time through clever manipulations of the timeline. Our hero Jim has […]

Just because they hate you doesn’t mean they don’t agree with you

I tend to keep bookmarks in a lot of books at the same time. Maybe I have some academic version of ADHD, but I like shifting between multiple books and letting those books, as different as they are, have a conversation among themselves in my head. Sometimes, it allows for linkages between ancient and modern […]

Everything You Wanted to Know about Language But Were Afraid to Ask

“Sex is language” might be an imperfect metaphor, but let’s go ahead and follow this particular rabbit trail. It’s only about 5:30 in the morning, and I’ve got my cup of tea. I can do this. You see, despite the tips promulgated by the likes of Cosmopolitan magazine, there is no abstract thing called “sex” out […]