Monthly Archives: May 2015

The Obligatory Post on the Duggars

So shortly after the news of Josh Duggar’s child molesting past came to light, I posted this on Facebook: “Think about this: to date, at least, no one from the Duggar family has publicly blamed the victims, the media, or confusion wrought by the Sexual Revolution. Right now, Duggar Family > the Roman Catholic Church.” […]

Witnessing the Universe

So I’m currently reading Darwin’s Dangerous Idea by Daniel Dennett and have just picked up Jerry Coyne’s new Faith versus Fact—books which I am both enjoying immensely, in large part because I do love a well-crafted argument. But this bit of reading has me contemplating the word “atheist,” a word which both writers would apply […]

Regarding Bench Research

So a few weeks ago, I sent off to a particular academic press a proposal for an edited volume on lynching in the state of Arkansas, making the argument that, because there exists so little secondary literature specific to the study of mob violence in the state, such a volume would fill an important historiographic […]


The show is called Kobra, for some reason that I haven’t figured out. It’s a half-hour, Swedish-language show that covers a variety of topics, from masturbation to Mecca. I mean that literally: in the first episode I watched, the presenter traveled to San Francisco to visit Good Vibrations, while the upcoming episode covers the Disney-fication […]