Monthly Archives: June 2015

Living in This Material World

We are living in a Philip K. Dick world. I don’t mean this in the usual way. Folks do tend to toss around comparisons between our world and those conceived by the noted science fiction author a little too easily, especially as it pertains to issues of virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and the like. But […]

New Yawk City?

Dear New Yorker Magazine, I write this letter to you out of a profound appreciation for everything that your fine city has done for me and a fervent desire that, someday, I might be able to repay the favor. Allow me to explain. Since 2009, I have served as the creative materials editor of the […]

Mid-Life and Me

So I’m involved in this grant project to create a “reader’s map of Arkansas,” an educational resource to teach students and the general public about Arkansas writers and their books. I don’t quite recall how I got involved in this—I think someone recommended me. Lots of people from various institutions are mixed into the deal, […]

They believe that you are being ideological because that is all they know

So, over the weekend, I posted a comment in thread over on Dr. Jerry Coyne’s blog, Why Evolution Is True, and lo and behold, he turned it into a main post, and suddenly I had hundreds of people clicking over to my own humble blog to take a gander at what the exact opposite of […]