Monthly Archives: January 2016

People say that I would be bad at business

Are you a seventeenth-century royal who is having trouble finding a cousin of marriageable age? Or maybe a modern white supremacist struggling to keep your bloodline pure? Well, just download my new hook-up app, “Kin-Der,” and start swiping your way left or right through the family photo album. It’s romance and reunion all in one […]

Sexual Re-education

My first exposure to what passed for sex education was neither about sex nor was very educational in the slightest. It was fifth or sixth grade. Nearing the end of the day, all the boys and girls in my grade were separated without warning, the boys herded into one room, the girls into another. In […]

Jeeves and the Incest Taboo

So I’ve been rereading some Wodehouse here lately, and it’s got me thinking seriously about the incest taboo. Follow my thinking. Roderick Spode, the short-panted fascist wannabe, admits to Bertie Wooster that he has long held feelings of love for Madeline Bassett, the daughter of Spode’s good friend Sir Watkyn Bassett. The respective ages of […]