Monthly Archives: March 2016

In which I review “God’s Not Dead 2”

Our wonderful local free weekly here in Little Rock, the Arkansas Times, let me review the new movie God’s Not Dead 2 for them. Here’s a sample: “It helps to think of the “God’s Not Dead” film series as essentially “The Vagina Monologues” for evangelical Christians. Here in the United States, Eve Ensler and other writers and […]

True Confessions

Let’s say that you’re a detective. You’re sitting at the station one day when a man comes in to confess to a murder. Now, this isn’t a murder that has yet been reported to the police, so you listen patiently as he outlines everything he did, as he recounts how he tied his neighbor up […]

You are not being persecuted

Recently, the Franklin County School Board in Tennessee debated ending all after school clubs as a response to the formation of a gay-straight alliance there. If they can’t keep out just the gays, they will end all activities. Thus is the spirit of equality preserved, I guess. Aside from the raging assholery of local elected […]

Roaring Like a Lion

I’ve written previously regarding the trailer for the new movie God’s Not Dead 2, which was filmed here in Arkansas (hooray….). Well, I took the plunge and checked out the previous movie from my local library. Granted that I spend much of my time studying racism and racial violence, this was still a pretty dispiriting […]

I didn’t know I was allowed to think that

As I have mentioned here before, I have been teaching myself Swedish for a while. It’s honestly more a hobby than a full-fledged intellectual pursuit, but I’ve learned enough that I can read novels fairly well and understand news programs. I don’t get to travel as much as I like, and so I use this […]