“I’m a great believer in hypocrisy. It’s the nearest we ever get to virtue. It’s a statement of what we ought to be. Like religion, like art, like the law, like marriage. I serve the appearance of things. It’s the worst of systems; it is better than the others.” So says Rawley Bradfield, Head of […]

In the wake of allegations of pedophilia against the disgraced Alabama judge, Roy Moore has received near universal expressions of support from his own party in the state. Naturally, many people in liberal circles are horrified, but the lesson here is not about the innate tribalism of Republicans or Southerners or Republican Southerners. Instead, what […]

If you were wondering when America’s transition into a full-fledge fascist state would be publicly announced, you need look no further than General John Kelly’s press conference on Thursday. Here is the key paragraph of his speech: “You know, when I was a kid growing up a lot of things were sacred in our country. […]

There has been much discussion in the media (and in my own social media feeds) regarding whether or not we should describe the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas as an act of terrorism. As it happens, I am currently working on a book chapter that analyzes lynchings, in part, in relation to scholarly definitions […]

There is a recent trend of liberal folks lamenting the failure—even the complete unwillingness—of people on the Left to engage constructively with ideas not their own and with the people who represent those ideas. For example, Bret Stephens wrote a piece in the New York Times, “The Dying Art of Disagreement,” that took to task […]

The comic book series Preacher asked many years back why exactly it was that white supremacists were the poorest exemplars of the ostensibly superior white race. Watching those tiki-bearing imbeciles march upon Charlottesville, I couldn’t help wondering where the superior members of this white race were, exactly. I mean, one of the first marchers publicly identified […]

I am not a librarian, but I work in a library, so sometimes I get to do librarian-type things. For example, the system for which I work has had a number of its branches undergoing renovation of late. Renovation often means the expansion of book collections, which means the building and shifting of shelves, which […]