While at the tattoo parlor last night, getting my shoulder worked on, I had some thoughts on the issue of political correctness that so dominated the election season. After all, this was a transaction between two people who, until that moment, were strangers to each other, and this transaction, by necessity, entailed a certain amount […]

I’m about to be vulgar here, but it’s my fucking blog. I get to do that. So that we’re on the same page when it comes to my analysis of Donald Trump’s victory, you need to know a certain term: donkey punch. I’ll let Wikipedia define it: “Donkey punch is a slang term for the […]

So it has been a busy few months for me. First, I have been teaching a class, “Power, Privilege, and Oppression,” at the University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service. I had not intended to teach again this semester, having taught a class on race and public policy in the spring, but the person […]

Shortly after my grandparents were married, my Papa came home late after an evening of hanging with the boys. To his consternation, he found the door locked and the house dark. He pounded on the door, and after a few minutes, my Grandma showed up with her pistol, shouting, “Who’s there?” “It’s your husband,” my […]

William Lindsey over at Bilgrimage has recently been examining in some depth the lack of change in the Catholic Church following the inauguration of Francis as pope. Though I am now a decade outside the church (longer than I was ever actually in it, if we’re just counting the Catholic years of my life), I do still […]

So I am teaching a course titled “Power, Privilege, and Oppression” this fall at the University of Arkansas Clinton School for Public Service, and as I am planning out the semester, I thought I might adapt one or two of my planned discussions for posts here. With the following, I try to lay out how […]

The world is struggling to make sense of the Brexit crisis and the rise of Donald Trump through the lens of economic populism, of a mass uprising against “the elites” and multinational corporations. Never mind that these supposed uprisings are being led by folks who are themselves millionaires (no matter how many pints Nigel Farage […]